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Byee [25 Feb 2008|01:17pm]
I'm Leaving this journal, as i want it to be one of some of the best and worst memories ive had and it brings sore points. Add my new one


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two words [25 Dec 2007|10:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Merry X-Mas
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[26 Oct 2007|03:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Okay so this week didnt go to plan. Me and Ash never went to the cinema because i misread my work rota and had to work thursday night instead of in the morning. I never went to Thorpe Park either because none of us had the same time off..harsh! Met Neil on Wednesday after work and we drove up to Reading and done a bit of shopping then managed to get lost coming back. Was really nice because we've never really hung out before. I cant think of anything else to say.


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im determined to update every day [22 Aug 2007|12:09am]
[ mood | lonely ]

verses of my fav songs

Cause our lips, can touch
And our cheeks, can brush
Our lips can touch here

hello..i've missed you quite terribly!


To every broken heart in here
Love was once a part,
but now it's disappeared


This is why I’m hot
Catch me on the block
Every other day
Another bitch another drop


That boy' some prick you kna'
all up in my hair
thinks that i care
keeps following me here
keeps following me there
these days i cant go nowhere
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[08 Jun 2007|01:05am]
broke keyboard

campin 2moro

oh oh

i lub jrdan
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i have work in 7 n a half hours lol. [10 May 2007|01:32am]
[ mood | neeed to pee so badly lol ]

God reading past entrys over the past few months, I mustve put people in such a depressd mood lol, so heres my goals to achieve this year (ooh 1 min my bros out the bathroom..*runs off* ok im back lol)

+ Pass my Driving test
+ Skinny Dip
+ Drink all night and not throw up
+ Get a Tattoo
+ For my 18th, have a party that people will sy that it was one of the best theyve been too (and mean it!)
+ Go on holiday

Think of any more? give us a shout, every ime i achieve 1 i'll cross it off, its going in my memories anyways


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[02 Apr 2007|10:12pm]
Name: Amanda.

Gender: Female.

Age: 17.

Date of Birth: 29th November 1989

Location: Basingstoke.

Ethnicity: White.

Nationality: British.


Hair Color: brown.

Eye Color: hazel.

Skin Color: White.

Pale/Tanned: i wish i was tanned =[[.

Height: Short.

Weight: 8 stone.

Piercings: ears,belly button and tongue.

Tattoos: 0, me and Neil are trying to figure out ones that we should get though.

Shoe Size: 6.

Body Type: *Shrug.*

-=Info Pt. 2=

Siblings: 2.

Pets: 4.

Hobbies/Interests: shopping, singing and eating oh and getting drunk!

-=Living Arrangements=

Live With: Mum, dad and brother

Age of Siblings: Allans 24 and Emmas gonna be 27 this month.

Age of Parents: Dads 49 Mums gnna be 49 next week


Best Same-Sex Friend: Gillian,Cat and Tasha.

Best Opposite-Sex Friend: Dave,Neil.

Lied To A Friend? Yes.

Ended A Friendship Over Something Stupid? dunno.


Sexual Orientation: straight.

Have A Crush? Yes.

Does Your Crush Like You Back? dunno lol.

Ever Been In Love? yep

Serious Relationship or Casual Dating? Meh.

Would You Fully Commit To One Person? Depends who it was.

Love At First Sight: Lust not love.

"The One": im not looking for "the one"

Are You A Jealous Person? Yes.


Are You Currently Employed? Yeah.

What Is Your Hourly Income? £4.70.

Are You Still In School? No.

What Year? .

Ever Been Held Back A Year? No.

Do You Want To Go To/Are You In University? No.

Do You Like Your Job? can be a pain in the ass

Do/Did You Like School? No.

Favorite Subject: N/a.

Least Favorite Subject: All.


Favorite Genre: R&B.

Favorite Band: umm atm Nu Brand Flexx

Current Favorite Song: Like a boy by Ciara

All-Time Favorite Song: Dunno

Least Favorite Genre: Heavy Metal now.

How Many Concerts Have You Been To? hardly any.

Any Upcoming Concerts? No


Favorite TV Show: Scrubs.

Favorite Show As A Child: FUNHOUSE.

What Do You Do During Commercial Breaks? Eaaaat =]

Favorite Movie: Kidulthood

Favorite Movie As A Child: Peter Pan

Favorite Genre: Comedy

Least Favorite Genre: very gory.

Favorite Actor: Adam Sandler

Favorite Actress: dnno

Color: pink

Number: 25.

Food: chocolate.

Drink: Irn Bru.

Restaurant: mcd's or dolminos

Animal: dogs.

Book: got loads

Time of Day: Depends what I'm doing & who I'm with.

Season: Summer.

Past Time: listenin 2 music

-=Basic Info Pt. 3=

Handedness: left.

Zodiac Sign: sagittarius.

Bad Habits: bein very para, getting tres easily distracted, sleepin and lazin bout too much

Bedtime: When I'm tired.

Most Missed Memory: summers

-=In The Past Week Have You...=

Laughed: Yes.

Cried: Don't think so.

Cursed: Yes.

Lied: Yes.

Bitched: Yes.

Worried: Yes.

Felt Worthless: Yes.

Felt On Top Of The World: Yes.

Hugged Someone: Yes.

Kissed Someone: No.

Made Out With Someone? No.

Stalked Someone: No.

Starved Yourself: lol no

Attacked Someone: No.

Been In Trouble: Yes.

Had A Verbal Fight: No.

Missed someone: Yes.

Lost Someone: No.

-=At The Moment...=

What Are You Wearing? New pretty top and 3/4 length leggings.

What Are You Doing? This & talking to neil

What Should You Be Doing? tidying.

What Are You Listening To? Miss you by Aalliyah

What Are You Thinking About? Whether I should get a tattoo and ways to make myself look older lol.

How Are You Feeling? Bored, and depressd bout lookin so young.


Do You Think You're Attractive? Not particularly.

Are You Happy With Yourself? Sometimes.

If You Could Go Back In Time And Change One Thing, Would
You? yeah.

What Would You Do Differently? not move
Any Regrets: Pff.

-=The Future=

Where Do You Want To Live? Austrailia or Glasgow.

What Would You Like To Do For A Living? Be famous, haha.

What Sort Of Car Do You Want? Idk.

Happier Single or In A Relationship? depends

-=Life & Death=

Do You Enjoy Life? Sometimes.

At What Age Would You Like To Die? dunno

How Do You Want To Die? Quick & painlessly.

Think You Will Be Missed? By some people.

Do You Set Goals For Yourself? dont see the point.

What Do You Want To Achieve In Your Life? become a manger

What Is Your Favourite Feeling? drunkeness with mates

=When Did You Last...=

Laugh: Today.

Cry: Couple weeks ago.

Throw Up: month or 2 ago

See A Movie: dnno.

Hang Out With A Friend/Friends: well technically i saw sum mates at work today.

Confess A Secret: lst night

Sing To An Audience: 4 yrs ago

Curse: Today.

Take A Bath: yday

Go To Church: Ages ago.

Feel Lonely: jst nw

-=Do You Believe In...=

God: dno.

Magic: No.

Evolution: No.

Reincarnation: Idk.

The Tooth Fairy: No.

Santa Claus: No.

The Easter Bunny: No.

Ghosts: kind o.

Angels: No.

Miracles: No.

-=The WWW=

Which Sites Do You Visit The Most? Myspace, Livejournal, Bebo, youtube.

On Average, How Many Hours of Your Day Are Spent Online? Too many.

Do You Visit Sites You're Not Supposed To At Work/School? no cause we dont have the internet at work.

-=This Or That?=

Cats or Dogs? dogs.

Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi.

Mountain Dew or Sprite? Sprite.

Tea or Coffee? Tea.

PC or Laptop? laptop.

Music or Movies? Music.

Friends or Family? depends

Summer or Winter? Summer.

Horror Movies or Romantic Movies? romantic.

Wealth or Love? Love.

Hugs or Kisses? kisses

Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate.

McDonalds or KFC? mcd's.

Milkshake or Juice? Juice.

Rock or Rap? rap.

Get Mad or Get Even? Both.

Buses or Trains? trains are fun.

Freeze or Burn? Neither.


Biggest Fear: Loads.

Best Physical Feature: dunno.

One Wish (If You Could Have One): Too much.
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For tool [05 Mar 2007|12:22am]
[ mood | cold ]

Pictures for ToolCollapse )

sorry if these are too small, this is the only ones i could find i'm not sure if there was more..enjoy!

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[19 Nov 2006|01:13am]
[ mood | sad ]

its amazin hw u used to make me so happy, now when i thnk of you i want to cry. FUCKIN GET IT SORTED UR A SHIT FRIEND TBH

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[18 Nov 2006|02:41am]
I hate England, nuff sed!
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[31 Aug 2006|06:04pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Comment to be added plz


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im no superman [30 May 2006|11:24pm]
[ mood | i dont like this ]

Out the door just in time
Head down the 405
Gotta meet the new boss by 8 am

The phone rings in the car
The wife is working hard
She's running late tonight again

I know what I've been told
You gotta work to feed the soul
But I can't do this all on my own
No, I know I'm no Superman
I'm no Superman


You've got your love online
You think you're doing fine
But you're just plugged into the wall

And that deck of tarot cards
Won't get you very far
There ain't no hand to break your fall

I know what I've been told
You gotta know just when to fold
But I can't do this all on my own
No, I know I'm no Superman
I'm no Superman

That's right
== harmonica solo ==

You've crossed the finish line
Won the race but lost your mind
Was it worth it after all?

I need you here with me
Cause love is all we need
Just take a hold of the hand that breaks the fall

Well I know what I've been told
Gotta break free to break the mold
But I can't do this all on my own
No I can't do this all on my own
I know that I'm no Superman
I'm no Superman
I'm no Superman

Someday we'll be together
Someday we'll be together
I'm no Superman!!

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scotland [30 May 2006|05:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey, I'm well looking forward to coming to Scotland. On Thursday Daves getting me from the airport, and then we're going straight to his and we're getting some alcohol and watching dvds and then im staying overnight XD! Then on Friday im going to the the beautician and getting acrylic nails done and a bikini wax, teehee. Then im meeting Dave after Get ready for work, and we're going to the shops bside the school, just like we used to :) then may go down to Kevs or Jasons and then at night im either staying at Cats or Daves again. Then am goin on HOLIDAY with CAT AND GILL!!!! Benidorm here we come =p

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[29 May 2006|09:13pm]
hmm she really annoys me somtimes!!
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boys [28 May 2006|03:27pm]
[ mood | blah ]

boys shud curl up in a corner and keep quiet, you cause 2 many problems!! i bet boys thnk the same about us! lol.

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was really bored!! [27 May 2006|05:57pm]
Life: Shuffled Music Player (Turn Your Music Player on shuffle and answer w/ songs)
Your Name Is?:Mr Brightside
How Old Are You?:the devil made me do it
I Am Labled What?:rock star poser XD
Do You Think You're Messed Up?:yeah right
Your Family Thinks You Are?:theres gotta be more to life
Friends think you are?:pinball wizard
Teachers (Past or Present) Think You Are?:the hardest button to button
Strangers Say To You::my band
Your Mom:lucky
What song do you listen to when you're bored?:breaking the habit
Sad?:sugar we're going down
Excited?:purple pills
Lazy?:try it on my own
Paranoid:everything ends
Your outlook on life is::joints and jams
The world is::rah! rah! replica
People are::harder to breathe
Everyday is::A bullet named christ
Right Now You Are::breakout
I Wish I Was::mesmerized
Candy Is::she fucking hates me
Love Is::living on a prayer
You Like::all the small things (indeed i do!)
Are You In A Relationship?:rot for me
If You've Ever Been In Love, How Was It::the defence
Girls Or Guys?:im a fake
More Random Stuff
I Want::beautiful disaster
I Need::chop suey
It's Friday, I'm::duality
I Think Rap Is/Should/Was (etc.)::not now
Rock::unholy confessions
Punk::chop off my hand
Ska::people = shit
Emo::slit my wrists (good 1!)
Country::miss independant
My Favorite Song Is::freak on a leash
My Favorite Band/Musician Is::byob
Music Is::toxicity
Poop Is::superhero
Juice Boxes Are::the end
Peter Pan Is::touch the sky
Michael Jackson Is::cell block tango
Grab ahold and::touch me (haha)
If you were in a gang you'd::look what the bat dragged in
Your gang would be called::ghosts of you and me
Do You Think The World Is Stupid?:violent pornography
How do you feel about people in general?:cigaro
Are people hypocrites?:anyone anyone
Labels are?:crawling
Intelligence is::seven nation army
What do you wish you were doing?:ymca (lmfao)
Where do you wish you were?:flap your wings
Your Thoughts On:
War?:pure morning
Abortion?:the dope show
Gay Rights?:sleeping with the lights on
Freedom Of Speech?:stay (i missed you)
Aliens?:this is the new shit
Immigrants?:like light to the flies
These Bands/Musicians Are:
Skid Row:mutt
Insane Clown Posse:you got it bad
Britney Spears:i wanna hold you
69 Eyes:yours fatully
Flyleaf:say my name
Nelly:roses for the dead
Peaches:always and forever
More Crap
Currently You Are::the middle
Your Emotion Is::stay together for the kids
The Time Is::cater to you
My Belly Is::lose my breathe
This survey is::happy holidays you basterd
The Song Playing Now Is::instead
What's Playing Now!
1.:i walked with a zombie
2.:things not to say during sex
3.:hard to find
4.:tres bien
5.:whole lotta love
Take this survey | Find more surveys
You've been totally Bzoink*d
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[27 May 2006|04:15pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hmmm...its nice 2 read old entries on journals a dnno why, bt a jst do lol. Also am sick of trying to arrange sumfin, and me thnks evry1 else will be because whenever we do, Nufin goes right!! Like at sum point id like 2 go 2 the catty wif absolutely evry1 bt well we've all tried tht and how many times has tht workd!! bt tht wud b so totally kl if we did arrange tht, and the same people always get let down, no names bt tis a real shame 4 her coz it always seems 2 b me tht lets her down and me feels really bad about. Gosh I have amazin grammer :\! Wow, what an excitin weekend eh? bt emm this guy frm Basingstoke sent me a message on faceparty n i may be going to hang bout wif him at sum point and not doin nefin dodgy DAVE, kay? doubt it will happen, bt hopefully it will coz i realy really wnna go nd get out ma face like i dnt even care if i throw up, coz like i aint been drinkin enuf y'no!! Well ma sister and her boyfriend shud b here soon, coz theyve arrived at the airport bout an hour ago n my mum n dad r away 2 get them.

Oh in other news, honestly people, have i changed? coz me thnks I has nd a dnno if its a good or bad thing :| auch who cares, bt ave been feelin n a much better mood 2day coz i got a nice long lie in and i dnt feel ill 2day!! :] nd I miss Dave and friends lots and lots mhmm. Well bye bye


o ps. I might get tickets 2 go nd see Pink (dnt diss me!) in November in Glasgow a week b4 ma bday, ne1 wnna come wif me??

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[23 May 2006|09:38pm]
[ mood | fuckd up!! ]

atm i cud really do with a friend just to sit and have a long chat with, sum1 who will listen and I dnt wnna do it over the internet or fone i wnna sit n do it in person. Just little things dnt even really no what it is, bt i really feel so totally fucked up! No idea who really are my friends nemore since I hardly speak to any of them nemore and yea thats probably my fault. I just need my best friends like Gillian,Dave,Iain,Tree,Niamh,Kev,Jordan,Kez and Cat, i dont even no if cat still wnts 2 b my best friend, bt hey thats probably my fault for actin like i dnt wnna tlk 2 her a spose..*shrugs* I just totally wnna give up like with everything. I wont be up in Scotland for like another 2 weeks, so am going like a month without ne1 i actually give a damm about. The only fuckin people in the world who are there for me are my friends and they do make a damm good job of it when i need them.

Me and Dave, well fuck knows whats goin on nemore, thts totally messing up even tho he thinks its fixed, nd most of the time i do as well, bt there are moments like right now where am just waiting to be let down by him. Like hes promised 2 come and get me from the airport..heard tht before!! Hes promised 2 take me out on the friday, may happen. Hes promised 2 come up 2 the shops wimme as well on tht friday..aye we'll see!! Hes a totally amazing guy and I luv him so much bt every stupid thng he does seems 2 make me hit the roof n i hate it.

in other news, when i go up 2 Scotland im going 2 get Acrylics nails dun and a bikini wax...jazzy!!

Jordans talking to me on msn, hes understanding me I think thats good it helps a lil.


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its all so fucked up!! [22 May 2006|11:44am]
I hardly even have my own boyfriend nemore and now hes forbidden me from talking to this guy who fucked me bout lst yr!!! i jst cnt take this nemore, he sez am fuckin wif his head bt hes all fuckin wif mine...wtf am a gnna do
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smoke ma pickle [17 May 2006|10:07am]
I wish i had an image i was happy with!!

in other news i cnt get ma nipple bar thru >:(

dnno if i mentioned i got ma lip repierced, looks jazzy haha!

Oracles a baw, nd i got sent this thng from fiona bout ye no yr a glaswegian when.. n all tht jazz n i sent it tae a few ppl n ma work n they cudnt understand a word..awwwh lol.

Internet apparently is gettin fixed 2nite, if not then apparently ill be phonin up!

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